El Nino, on the verge of a global catastrophe

El Niño

On the verge of a global catastrophe

From destructive cyclones to prolonged droughts to devastating floods, many parts of the world are experiencing extreme weather changes thanks to the phenomenon known as El Nino.

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El-Nino causes a warming of the Earth’s oceans. Over the last year, a powerful El Nino has been changing weather patterns across a number of countries. So strange has this weather phenomenon been that drought affected areas have been hit by flash floods!

The Horn of Africa, and Ethiopia in particular, is experiencing severe drought and is facing the possibility of a devastating humanitarian crisis if the situation does not improve fast.

Our member agencies are on the ground in Ethiopia and many other countries helping the most vulnerable.


You can help them provide assistance by donating to their programs directly.

CARE Canada Providing support in Ethiopia, South Pacific, South Africa and Zimbabwe, among other countries

Oxfam-Canada Focus on Ethiopia and Horn of Africa, Southern Africa, Central America and South Pacific

Oxfam-Québec Focus on Ethiopia and Horn of Africa, Southern Africa, Central America and South Pacific

Plan International Canada Delivering programs in a number of countries affected by El Nino

Save the Children Providing support in East Africa, with a focus in Ethiopia.


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The following resources provide more details on the impacts of El Nino around the world.

El Niño: Overview of Impact, Projected Humanitarian Needs and Response UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - 21 September 2016


Hotter, drier, wetter. Face the future World Meteorological Organization

Crop prospects and food situation – FAO Report

El Nino and Climate change – Stop the hunger Oxfam

El Nino and health WHO



news iconEl Nino news and reports based by region and country

African boy observes landscape, drought caused by El Nino

camera icon Image: Mulugeta Ayene/AP


Africa map icon Eastern and Southern Africa

El Niño in Africa: Swiss Solidarity appeals for donations

Hunger, disease caused by El Nino hitting millions of children hard, UNICEF says

AfDB Group announces US $549-million drought response package for Eastern and Southern Africa

Oxfam, Save the Children and CARE call for donor intervention, as Southern Africa region endorses action plan to tackle El Nino food crisis


Ethiopia map icon Ethiopia

Urgent action can stop El Nino becoming a crisis in Ethiopia

Humanitarian partners launch fundraising campaign to address funding gaps in Ethiopia drought response

Drought and rising temperatures 'leaves 36m people across Africa facing hunger'

As drought hits Ethiopia again, food aid risks breaking resilience

Ethiopian farmers need urgent assistance to feed country caught in major drought

Destocking operation provides drought-stricken pastoralists with much-needed food and income in Somali Region of Ethiopia

El Niño CERF-funded response in 2015-2016 (As of 15 March 2016)

Large-scale food security Emergency to continue through September


Guatemala map icon Guatemala

Guatemala families struggle for food in Central American drought


Haiti map icon Haiti

El Niño, Drought Blamed As Severe Food Insecurity Doubles In 6 Months In Haiti


Malawi map icon Malawi

Where drought is the new normal: El Niño worsens food shortages in Malawi


Myanmar map icon Myanmar

El Niño Drought Tipped, Charities Mobilize Water Works


Papua New Guinea icon Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea drought: A desperate need for food in drought-ravaged Western Province


Philippines map icon Philippines

Government intensifies efforts to combat El Niño


Sudan map icon Sudan

Up to 400,000 in Sudan may need food aid due to El Nino: WFP


Timor-Leste map icon Timor-Leste

Humanitarian Partnership Agreement (HPA) Agency Assessment on El Nino impacts in Timor-Leste as of February 2016


Vanuatu map icon Vanuatu

Rain in Vanuatu but El Nino concerns until mid next year


Zimbabwe map icon Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe declares 'state of disaster' due to drought

Drought in Africa because of El Nino

camera icon Image: Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters