Partners of the Humanitarian Coalition


Media and private sector partners are invited to participate in this joint action during times of humanitarian disasters, when the needs are greatest. The Humanitarian Coalition strives to provide the Canadian public and media with the most relevant information during a crisis. Member agencies combine to pursue media and private sector support for the Canadian appeal process.

All of our Rapid Response Network (RRN) partners play a key role during times of humanitarian crisis, each in line with their particular capacity. By joining our Rapid Response Network your organization can help increase the awareness about future crises, reduce the costs of fundraising and ensure that survivors of terrible disasters around the world are helped more quickly.


MEB Strategies has been involved with the Humanitarian Coalition for more than two years.  In addition to being a faithful donor, I also visited some projects in Haiti and Mali during emergency response efforts.  Today – I personally ask you to join me and donate to a campaign that really matters to me : World Refugee Day.  In 2013, as I was in Mali, a young mother looked at me and asked for something really simple : water and some food to feed herself, so she could breastfeed her baby.  She had just escaped her village, burnt and torn by rebels.  And she had joined the millions of displaced people who leave everything behind to help their kids dream again.

Your gift of $50 can provide a cooking kit to a family, $100 can provide a hygiene kit to 2 families and $500 can provide drinking water to 30 families, for a month.  Thanks for helping us!


The CBSR and the Humanitarian Coalition are partnering in times of humanitarian emergencies to reach Canadian businesses and help them find a meaningful way to bring support and hope to those affected.  We are proud to stand by the HC and to contribute to better and stronger emergency responses by increasing collaboration in Canada and abroad.