Progress Report 2012 | Humanitarian Coalition

Progress Report 2012

As 2011 draws to a close, I want to thank all the Canadians who supported the work of the Humanitarian Coalition and its members. This past year was a big one for us.

The Humanitarian Coalition grew this year.  We are very pleased to have Plan Canada join our team. More collective strength is definitely welcome, as it has unfortunately been a busy year for emergency responses.

We entered the year with the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. The members of the Humanitarian Coalition are still there, supporting the Haitian people on their long road to recovery. Pakistan was again hit by major flooding. Although the Coalition did not launch an appeal this time, our members were already there on the ground, responding immediately. Of course, 2011 saw the Coalition appeal for the support of Canadians to assist the survivors of the triple disaster – the earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear meltdown – in Japan.

The response from Canadians to our appeal for support in East Africa was incredible. After we sounded the alarm on July 6, more than $14 million was donated to prevent the drought from becoming famine. It was a clear demonstration that the Humanitarian Coalition’s partnership works. Together we raised Canadian awareness of a growing crisis, and engaged Canadians’ legendary generosity to fight it.

All the members of the Coalition have long been engaged in East Africa. In fact, their ongoing work over the past two decades has ensured communities were already much more resilient and prepared to face this year’s drought. The impact of this drought will likely be far less severe in lives lost than the Ethiopian famine of 1984. Nevertheless, the situation remains grave and your support continues to be needed.

Looking forward, the Humanitarian Coalition continues to seek opportunities for improving Canada’s humanitarian response capacity and getting more help to those who need it. In November, the members of the Humanitarian Coalition met in Toronto for our annual assembly. Together, we established our priorities for 2012 to ensure we are even better prepared to respond quickly to support those touched by the inevitable disasters of the future. We continue to work towards our vision to unite Canadians to save more lives.

I want to thank corporate Canada for its growing support of the Humanitarian Coalition. Canadian media and business are seeing the value in working together and are rallying to support our work through donations and assistance in raising awareness.

And in closing thanks again to you. Your support has helped us give the greatest gift of all, the gift of life, to millions of people affected by disasters around the world.

Nicolas Moyer
Executive Director