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Progress Report 2011

Dear Friend,

Crisis builds community - it also shows us at our best and worst. Nowhere is the need to work together more obvious than in the desparate race to respond to a humanitarian disaster. This year, Humanitarian Coalition members responded to two of the most catastrophic disasters in recent memory: Haiti’s earthquake and Pakistan’s floods. For both catastrophese rebuilding is well underway, but moves far too slowly for those who lost loved ones, their homes and their way of life. CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Québec and Save the Children Canada have been working in both Haiti and Pakistan for decades and were able to act quickly to help survivors of these disasters - millions of children, women and men who lost everything.

One year after Haiti’s earthquake it’s time to take stock of our progress. The Humanitarian Coalition has reached well over a million people with clean water, sanitation facilities, food, shelter, and medical supplies. We’ve partnered with communities to promote local livelihoods and support the recovery and rebuilding of infrastructure and community assets. Still, Haitians need sustainable long-term support and partnerships to help them rebuild. Humanitarian Coalition members continue to support Haitians as they rebuild their capital and their way of life.

In Pakistan, winter has now set in and the situation for flood survivors has worsened. Humanitarian Coalition members are working in very difficult conditions across the country to assist flood survivors. As Pakistan communities struggle to rebuild their livelihoods, we continue to support both basic short-term needs and longer-term reconstruction efforts.

The Humanitarian Coalition only launches appeals for the most serious crises. Pooled resources whittle administrative costs to their barest minimum to ensure maximum donations reach the field - where it’s needed most. Donors like you make it possible for us to help disaster survivors worldwide. Thank you.


Kevin McCourt 


President and CEO

CARE Canada

Robert Fox 


Executive Director

Oxfam Canada

Peter Véronneau 


Executive Director

Oxfam Québec

David Morley 


President and CEO

Save The Children Canada



In 2010, Humanitarian Coalition members increased their focus on fostering recovery and reconstruction in addition to emergency relief during the cholera outbreak and Hurricane Tomas. Humanitarian Coalition members have partnered with communities and organizations across Haiti as they work to rebuild their livelihoods. We continue to reach hundreds of thousands of Haitians every day with essential and urgently needed assistance.

During the initial response, Humanitarian Coalition members worked with local women on sanitation and latrine issues in camps now housing most of Port-au-Prince’s population. Pregnant women and newborns have received specialized health kits. Many children who arrived in camps unaccompanied have received special care. Clean water supplies allow camp residents to cook, clean and wash up. These are just some examples of the great work that has been done to bring assistance to earthquake survivors.

But progress is not easy as Haitians struggle to balance everyday needs with long-term rebuilding. Challenges include existing vulnerabilities such as poverty, poor infrastructure, weakened governance and unfavourable land ownership regulations. To strengthen livelihoods and communities, better health and education services and improve security and long-term stability will require patience and significant long-term support. With international donors, the Haitian government and civil society, the UN and non-governmental organizations like ours working together, change is possible.

As the earthquake’s one-year anniversary approaches, the Humanitarian Coalition members have prepared comprehensive reports on their work in Haiti and how your generous donations have been used. A special website has been launched to provide information, reports and to allow Canadians to send messages of support to the people of Haiti this holiday season. We encourage you to visit the site to find out more and show your support:



Over 1 Million Haitians reached by Humanitarian Coalition staff, including:

  • 123,000 through health programs
  • 173,000 through nutrition projects
  • 282,000 through water initiatives
  • 50,000 through hygiene assistance
  • 45,000 through education initiatives
  • 20,000 through shelter aid
  • 40,000 through women’s shelters

The Humanitarian Coalition emergency appeal for Pakistan flood survivors was unlike any other.

A flood differs from an earthquake or a drought – its impact takes longer to assess. As floodwaters rose so did the number of people affected, of homes washed away, of crops destroyed, of livestock drowned and of schools and hospitals destroyed.

The Humanitarian Coalition members were among the first Canadian organizations to come to the aid of the millions of flood survivors. Together, the members of the Humanitarian Coalition raised more than $3.3 million from generous Canadians like you. Of those funds, more than $3 million were doubled by the Canadian government’s matching fund.

Since the floods, Humanitarian Coalition members have reached far more than 2 million Pakistanis. More than 746,000 people received clean water through installation of water tanks, repairing of wells and water pipes and delivery of water to communities with no safe water supply. Members also distributed hygiene kits containing items such as bars of soap, towels, plastic kettles for washing and buckets with lids to nearly 1 million people.

In addition, more than 80,000 people have benefited from cash-for-work programs, nearly 1,800 people have received shelter and thousands received mosquito nets, plastic floor mats, water purification tabs, hygiene kits and kitchen sets. Members continue to address issues that threaten children’s well-being and have established 153 child-friendly spaces to help children overcome the trauma they have experienced.

The people of Pakistan face critical challenges as they grapple with the loss of crops and livestock, damaged schools, homes and roads and the threat of sickness and disease through the winter. The members of the Humanitarian Coalition continue to work alongside Pakistanis. Together, we will do everything we can to help the millions of children and families struggling to rebuild their lives.


heARTS for Pakistan

heARTS for Pakistan, a silent art auction and fundraiser, was held on October 18th at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel. More than 200 guests bid on more than 80 pieces of art, including paintings, photography, and sculptures, which were generously donated by Canadian and international artists.

By the end of the night, more than $15,000 was raised in support of flood relief programs in Pakistan. Thanks to the Canadian government match, these funds were increased to almost $23,000. We extend our sincere thanks to the organizers of this event who worked very hard to make the event a success and raise much needed funds for the people of Pakistan.


Corporate Support

Once again, the support of Canada’s corporate sector has allowed the Humanitarian Coalition to reach out to Canadians across the country. The support of CTV, CBC and ebay Canada during the recent Pakistan Appeal was a great demonstration that we can help more people when we work together. Simply by offering TV and radio airtime and online banners, these corporations helped Canadians find out more about the crisis and how they could help. We extend our thanks to these organizations and the many others that continue to support us. Together, we can save more lives.