Progress Report 2010 | Humanitarian Coalition

Progress Report 2010

Progress Report 2010

Last year, the members of the Humanitarian Coalition were hard at work responding to humanitarian crises around the world. Three separate typhoons swept through the Philippines, Vietnam and Laos in October 2009 and violent earthquakes rocked Indonesia in the same period. The worst drought to hit East Africa in 20 years continued through the fall and winter months. An earthquake then rocked Haiti on January 12, 2010, and the humanitarian response to this disaster has been of a scale unseen since the Asian tsunami of 2004.


Efforts to help the victims of these natural disasters have brought assistance to hundreds of thousands of people. People like 3 year old Joseph, who was buried in rubble when he was saved by his aunt and brought to a Save the Children Child Friendly Space. Both his parents died in the earthquake. It is stories like his that make our work important and remind us of why we must come together to help those faced with disaster. As Immalula, Jospeh’s aunt told us,“It is not easy but now we know each other. We have become like a big family.”


Since 2004, the Humanitarian Coalition has come a long way as Canada’s first united response for international humanitarian disasters. The four members of the Humanitarian Coalition (CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Québec and Save the Children Canada) have laid strong foundations for a new approach that will get more help to those who need it faster than ever before, reduce costs and improve communications with the Canadian public in times of humanitarian crises.


In the aftermath of the recent earthquake, Haitians need sustainable support and partnerships to help rebuild their livelihoods. The members of the Humanitarian Coalition have been working with the people of Haiti for more than four decades and are dedicated to supporting them in the years to come.


It is thanks to your valuable support that the Humanitarian Coalition has been able to bring help to survivors of disasters around the world. With this newsletter we wish to keep you informed of our progress as we work to improve Canada’s ability to help the world’s most vulnerable people in times of need. We hope for your continued interest and assistance in the months and years ahead.

With our sincere appreciation for your support,

Kevin McCourt   


President and CEO

CARE Canada

Robert Fox   


Executive Director

Oxfam Canada

Peter Véronneau   


Executive Director

Oxfam Québec

David Morley   


President and CEO

Save The Children Canada